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Yummy Home Made Gomashio

January 26, 2017

There is nothing like home made Gomashio to add to your soups or rice or salads.

Ingredients: sesame seeds, sea salt

Dry roast sea salt till gray colour then place salt in suribachi and grind till it is a fine powder. Then dry roast the sesame seeds in medium heat – stir the seeds on the pan and avoid burning. Add the seeds whilst hot to the suribachi with the salt and grind the seeds in an even circular motion using the pestle of the suribachi and the grooves of the suribachi. Grind seeds thoroughly until the seeds are covered by the salt. Allow the seeds to cool and then insert into an airtight container.

Gomashio is used as a condiment and quickly strengthens the blood. It provides an immediate yangizing effect and can help offset extreme yin conditions and reactions. It also helps neutralize the acidity in the blood, relieves tiredness and strengthens the nervous system.

For adults – 18:1 sesame seeds to salt. If one has a yin condition 16:1 is ok. For children the ratio of sesame seeds to salt should be higher – 20 or 24:1

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