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Welcoming the Year of the Dog

January 30, 2018

In oriental understanding we are moving into the year of the Earth Dog. Some of the qualities relating to this are loyalty, commitment, honesty and sacrifice.

An Aiki word that describes these qualities is Makoto which translates as sincerity and authenticity. A deeper meaning is to express from our deeper self. The energy of this year, the Earth Dog, supports the expression of those deeper things that we really want to express in life – our true path that brings us real happiness.

To do that requires commitment, sacrifice and loyalty to the things that we really treasure. To sacrifice the things in our life that don’t quite have the same meaning and depth. This also relates to courage. The courage to stay true to the line that wants to be expressed through you and the commitment never to give up on your true dreams. A serious subject which is one of the qualities of the Earth Dog.

Written by Ken McLean

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