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Deeper Connection to Self

October 23, 2018

Recently I was sitting in one of the huts in Bronte Beach where a few of the local community gather, when a woman joined us. I gradually got into a deeper discussion with her about interactions with others. She was having a realisation about not having expectations of what these interactions can deliver. We talk at the dojo of not leaning out of our sphere of influence. In other words, when we need the interaction we have with others, to give us something more than it can deliver, we often become disappointed. In our local environment we have trees, poles, people, motion and all sorts of objects. Why expect a person to offer anything more than say a tree or any object would.

I mentioned to her the old saying

“Be courteous to all

Social to many

Familiar with few

Intimate of one

Enemy of none”

This describes the state of being that keeps connection with our deeper self. Having interaction with the various people in our life without leaning on them to deliver more than they can.

We can appear to be leaning, like someone leaning on the railing of a bridge. If the railing collapses, they fall. However when we are leaning from our centre and the rail collapses, we remain standing. We interact with our energy – but something is kept for our self – our centre. “The prior place of fulfilment.” We then can allow the other person to be whatever they want without affecting our internal nourished state of being.

We can embrace all interactions as the ever changing flow of Life’s wave motion. This is also the meaning of Shin Ki and also Aikido. When we do this people intuitively feel nourished and positive from interacting with us.

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