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Aikido and the nervous system

August 8, 2017

It is amazing how doing regular Aikido stimulates the brain. All the movements and the countless variations works on the neuro pathways in the brain waking them up. This results in that clear, bright feeling we have after doing Aikido training.

How wonderful the design of Aikido is. The movements are a reflection of how the universe works. The universe itself is a holistic, multi-dimensional integrated system.

As Aikido movements are based on whole body and whole brain integration, the regular practice of Aikido wakes up the whole potential of our nervous system. This is a wonderful unique feature of the Aikido of Shin Shen.

Let us remember – when we are struggling with one of the many complex yet simple variations of Aikido techniques, we are sparking up some unused neuro pathways that when activated will contribute to living and expressing ourselves more fully as complete human beings.

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