These include Ki Shiatsu treatments, Macrobiotic Counselling, Life Coaching or personal Ki or Aikido sessions.

Private sessions include counseling and coaching sessions. In these sessions Sensei will listen to whatever is going on for you and then discern the key areas that when approached correctly will open up “flow” in your life.
One of the purposes of life is to realize all your goals without unnecessary force or struggle. However from time to time areas become stagnant or blocked – whether in relationships or work or other areas. This leads to a sense of something not feeling right. This could be a subtle feeling or obvious.

However change is not difficult to create. Ken McLean Sensei will work with you to identify the most effective strategy and course of action that when implemented will bring about a positive movement towards harmonious effectiveness. The key areas that all human beings wish to experience – health and happiness, love and intimacy, prosperity and abundance and perfect self expression which is the expression of our deepest self.