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Holiday Wishes

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Shin Sen Dojo’s last Aikido class for 2015 is Monday 21st December, recommencing Saturday 9th January 2016 10.30am to 12 noon. Aiki Summer Intensive takes place on January 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  All are welcome to do part or all of the intensive. Other courses are commencing from end of January – Ki Training, Macrobiotics, Ki Shiatsu, Kids Classes etc – see website for details under Upcoming Events.

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Macrobiotics – Choosing our biggest life.

Am I living my biggest life? Is life a joyous adventure with an ever-expanding circle of intimate friends, full of vitality and humour? We cannot control or choose our astrological influence or the daily weather, however we can control and choose what we put in our mouth. The food we choose becomes our blood, our organs, our thoughts and feelings – leading to the quality of experience we attract through living. It is simply amazing – how quickly we can turn misfortune to fortune – bad luck to good luck, sickness to health, hate to love, the key is right before us. We can choose our destiny. Would you like to know how? You are invited.

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Shiatsu – Treatments in the Key (Ki) of Life

Life has its rhythm, its pace. When we fall behind it can seem too much – overwhelming. When we go ahead – we feel lack of support – frustration. When we are in harmony with its flow we feel great, everything falls into place. It feels as if we attract what we need effortlessly. This is what a shiatsu treatment gives:- It first releases stress from the nervous system so that the meridians can be treated. Then your unique pressure points are easily located that harmonize and balance your energy. A deep level of nourishing calm vitality is released from a deeper central nervous system. Deep feelings of wellbeing and inspiration are felt as positive hormones flood the entire body systems. Any aches and pains gradually subside and the following[.....]

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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu – a wonderful way to experience harmony and wellbeing. Beyond massage, Shiatsu is a medical way of restoring health and pain free living. A good shiatsu involves locating the special pressure points relating to what’s going on for you. Through a special way of holding these points, the body’s energy called Ki (Chi/Qi) is awakened and a new level of circulation and flow is created through the body. Any previous problems or blockages are then stimulated to change. In 40 years of practice, I have seen thousands of different problems or conditions improved remarkably. Because of these experiences, I firmly believe there are no incurable dis-eases – giving the correct approach and encouragement and willingness to change. True Shiatsu practitioners will have developed their healing power – Ki –[.....]

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Kotodama Evening_59A

A Special Kotodama Evening

Experience sound harmonisation for spiritual and physical clarity of mind and awakening your deep vitality.  6th August at our Kensington Dojo – 59a Boronia Street, Kensington, NSW Australia between 6.30 to 7.45pm Kotodama means “the spirit in words”. It is the practice of sound harmonisation meditation chanting. Special Aiki sounds that activate various qualities of Ki in the body. Quiet meditation is called “yin prayer” whilst making sound is “yang prayer”. It is very calming yet energising and activates one’s deep life power. On a health level due to its vibrational quality it dissolves blockages and stagnation. Spiritually it awakens our higher consciousness and strengthens our energy or Auric body.

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