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The Shin Sen Community is a wide collection of people that train at the Dojo and those who


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Q: How old should a child be to start Aikido?

A: We find that from 7 upwards is a good age to start. Usually around the age of 7 the brain is coming into a level of development where whole body co-ordination is becoming more active. If they start too early, say 5, then the child will struggle to naturally absorb the movements and this can put stress on the child’s nervous system. Some kids come into the stage of whole body co-ordination a little earlier – say 6.5 years. On the whole 7 seems to be the age where they can learn with greater ease.

Q: What is a Dojo?

A: Dojo means place of the way or place of enlightenment. It is a training center designed to bring out the deep potential of one’s whole self.

In Japan a Dojo is usually an uncluttered open space with tatami mats (traditional Japanese rice straw flooring) and some scrolls of calligraphy imbued with the spirit of the art being practiced. Usually the space is for only particular practices based on the harmony of mind and body. All of these factors contribute to a certain ambience that help focus the mind and lead to easier access to one’s deeper centered state of being.

Shin Sen Dojo fulfills all these conditions. Ken McLean Sensei has inherited from many old martial arts masters beautiful calligraphy scrolls and traditional tatami mats. He has remained committed to creating and maintaining a dedicated space for the development of the mind and body and spirit for all who train there.

Dojo became a sanctuary in this modern stress filled world where one can actively train in an atmosphere of joy, positivity and centeredness. Where one returns to the tranquility of mind freed of everyday entanglements and thus returns to one’s life re-inspired and re-invigorated – to joyfully meet all life’s challenges – on the path to the realization of one’s dream and destiny.


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The Shin Sen Community is a wide collection of people that train at the Dojo and those who have taken the principles into their daily life. It includes people of all ages, professions, home makers from all walks of life and backgrounds. Whether it is these simple training in Aikido and enjoying that practice or those who have embraced a Macrobiotic approach to their health and lifestyle – Shin Sen embraces all who enter its sphere of influence. There are people who come every now and then, to regular practioners, to those who are committed to training intensely. People find their own level of connection and participation. Shin Sen community also includes those who don’t physically attend any classes but enjoy and implement in their life the principles and practice the Dojo espouses.

You are most welcome to join the community at whatever level of participation you would like or simply to receive our newsletter.

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