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Akido Kid’s class is one of the most important classes offered in Shin Sen


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Ken McLean Sensei is the Founding Director of Shin Sen Dojo. For over 40


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Kids Class 2014


Akido Kid’s class is one of the most important classes offered in Shin Sen Dojo. When babies are born they radiate a Ki Energy as they are fresh from the source of Ki (the Hara). If you play with a baby or small child, you will notice they have the ability for example to hold their arm extended substantially (relative to their size) without the use of force or struggle. That is when you can see the evidence of Ki existing in the body in that pure state. As children grow older most often they lose contact with that original state and develop conditioned responses to interaction.

In other words they can react in a non-centered way for example with anger, aggression or conversely feel overwhelmed and withdrawn.

By kids doing Aikido they reconnect to that original energy – we call Ki, and develop confidence to deal with interaction in a centered way. They can calmly deal with aggression so as to disarm bullying behavior. They develop group awareness-skills that teach them the power of inclusiveness and win/win outcomes.
On a physical level they reconnect to their bodies in an active way that increases health, fitness, suppleness and physical and mental resilience.

Kids Aikido is the way of developing self defense skills and beyond in a focused concentrated way whilst maintaining relaxed enjoyment and a sense of fun.

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Sensei is Ken McLean who has practiced Aikido and Ki energy cultivation for over 40 years. He is also Australia’s longest serving Shiatsu and Macrobiotic Teacher and Counselor.

For over 35 years he has directed Shin Sen Dojo – a training center for the harmonious development of body, mind and spirit.

He is father of ten kids and grandfather of seven. He has instructed kids of all ages in Aikido for over 30 years and has guided many to the level of Black Belt and beyond.

More importantly he has seen them grow in confidence, calmness and health as they have developed their Aikido skills through the kids program. This has brought him joy in seeing them grow into strong and centered human beings.

Ken McLean Sensei continues to teach the kids class along with his son Luke and the leading Dojo Sempai (Senior practitioner) Geoff Ritchie. Here you will find them training with all the kids of various
ages along with Sensei’s children and grandchildren.

Sometimes parents train with their kids and also
do the adult classes.

What do the children have to say?

Shin Sen Dojo has given me the opportunity to practice a non violent martial art. Every week I look forward to going to my class because I know I will be learning something new. In the dojo you can work with a great range of ages, years 6-17. Before class starts we play Aikido based games warming us up for our practice. When the class starts Sensei will demonstrate a technique, we have fun working with our partners on the technique. Sempais (instructors) are always looking to help us with learning the techniques. Aikido has helped me to become more active and much more focused.


I love the snake and sumo games.


I love knee walking and forward rolls.


I really like being thrown by Sensei, it feels like flying through the air.



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