Aikido of Shin Sen

The way of peace

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  • Harmony & Balance
  • Energy Flow
  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Pain Alleviation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Disease Healing

Ken McLean is available for Ki Shiatsu treatments.

Ki Shiatsu is an advanced and powerful form of hands-on treatment. It is effective in creating positive change for all conditions and also for establishing harmony and balance.

It works on the meridians (energy channels) and pressure points and dissolves blockages that interfere with the full expression of physical, mental and emotional health.

Treatments are one hour through cotton clothing on a Japanese futon (traditional mattress).

It is pleasant to receive and awakens the deepest energy of the body for healing but also for the full and effective expression of one’s whole self. It is good for all physical problems, for dissolving tension, alleviating pain and healing disease. It is pleasant to receive as it is both rejuvenating and relaxing.

Ken McLean has been treating people for over 40 years and he continues to be amazed at the restorative and rejuvenating power of Ki Shiatsu. The recipient also benefits from Ken McLean’s long practice of Ki training which allows him to work at the deepest levels in awakening the core life force of the body which is essential in creating true health.