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The way of peace

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Ki Shiatsu is a powerful effective hands-on healing therapy.  It works on pressure points and meridians (energy lines of the body to awaken the body's healing power called Ki).

For over 43 years Ken McLean has treated thousands of people to achieve deep levels of health and well being for their body, mind and spirit.  

He has also trained many people to professional practitioner level.  Many people that he has trained have now developed their own professional practice and make a living through giving Ki Shiatsu treatments.

The Diploma training is an ideal course for those wishing to develop their healing skills and for those who have a desire to help others and make a living doing something that brings happiness and fulfilment to both themselves and others.  The 2019 course starts on Saturday 9th February at 1pm.


  • The art of giving shiatsu treatment
  • Philosophy of oriental medicine
  • The basic, intermediate and advanced form
  • Visual & touch diagnosis for instant health & character evaluation
  • Special techniques for activating Ki flow
  • Macrobiotic nutrition and medicinal food
  • Knowing the tsubo points and meridians
  • Profound function of energy, mind, body and emotion
  • The Tao of healing