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Blue Mountains Misogi 18th December

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Please phone our Sydney number (02) 93875840 to book your place in a class.  First class is free.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.



Individual Ki Shiatsu Sessions

Ki Shiatsu treatments are available at the Dojo with Sensei and other senior practitioners.  Please phone for available times for treatments.

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Certificate & Diploma Courses

Certificate and diploma training is available in Ki Shiatsu Therapy, Macrobiotic Holistic Health & Counselling, Basic Macrobiotics and Ki Energy Cultivation.  Ongoing training continues in Aikido, Ki energy cultivation, and Aiki Sword and Staff.

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Ki Cultivation


Develops the unification of mind and body to experience your full potential through bringing out your Ki energy.

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Ki Shiatsu


A powerful hands on healing art that promotes total well-being through harmonising the body’s energy (Ki).

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Is the way of health, happiness and longevity through balancing yin and yang in diet and food as Medicine.

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