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Ki Energy Cultivation

Event Days:
The 2019 starts on Wednesday 6th February at 6.30am and Saturday 29th February at 9.00am. You can choose to do a class once a week or twice a week.

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Ki energy training is the more internalised form of Aikido and focuses deeply on the qualities and strength of ‘whole body’ unification. Training enables us to tap into the infinite and universal source of power (ki) using:

  • Aiki yoga. Suppleness and tonification exercises for health, flexibility and energy flow

  • Ki development. Unification of mind and body through centering, grounding, ki extension and development of hara

  • Kokyu ho. Breathing practices for misogi (purification) and the activation of one’s deep life power.

  • Deep breathing helps stimulate the blood and re-energises the body profoundly

  • Ki meditation. Achieving deep calmness, rejuvenation of internal energy and unshakeable connection to on’e inner source

  • Aiki taiso. Ki development motion exercises, taking the unified state into action

  • Ki exercises.

  • Shin Ki. Slow flowing movement practiced as moving meditation for ki, harmony, self defence and spiritual development

  • Daily life application. How to put centering and a deep calm spirit into daily actions, and experiences.

Specific ki tests are used to align and strengthen posture, thoughts and being in order to ground and deepen our connection with this power. This inspirational stream creates a state of gathered inner strength (musubi).

This enhances deep states of awareness, insight and sensitivity to what is happening in and around us, allowing greater control and effectiveness in dealing with all situations. All sessions include stretching, breathing, centreing and ki exercises.