Aiki Management


Aiki management is the application of Aikido in daily life. This leads to greater effectiveness in business, relationship or any area of life. Aiki principles are universal and so can be practiced anywhere at anytime. They are not limited by circumstance.

Through entering the “ In the Zone” state, a state of flow is created as one utilizes all the forces in one’s environment, whether they are people, as in creating greater team harmony or the forces of nature themselves.

Harmony is Success


A training to understand the four essential relationships for human fulfilment. A holistic and comprehensive application of the principles of harmony as expressed in all areas.

The Magic of Harmony


The Magic of Harmony is a workshop/course that gives participants the skills to create greater success in life. This is achieved by understanding the principles of harmony and how to apply them to various situations in life.

When all the energies move in harmony there is a magical force that is both moving and inspiring. Like when wonderful musicians harmonise together – there is beautiful music. In love when a man and woman harmonise the outcome is new life – babies.

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Energy and Center Awareness


A training that increases sensitivity to the finer energetic process that occur throughout life and all interactions. Increase your awareness to the more subtle aspects human nature, energy dimensions, and how to respond to the energetic invitations that occur.

Develop your creativity and spontaneity in how to respond from your center, to the varied opportunity and challenges you will meet throughout life.

Personal Effectiveness


One of the main sources that nourish self esteem and personal happiness is one’s ability to effect others and effect change in a positive way. Personal effectiveness training taps your true power as a human being – to realize all your goals and to effect all the situations you interact with and leave them better off for you having been there.

Macrobiotic Life Guidance Course


In the tradition of George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi, you will have one-on-one consultation with Ken McLean where he uses his expertise in visual facial diagnosis to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Then, with specific understanding of medicinal foods and applications, he will help you find the way of eating most suited to your unique constitution and condition.

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Macrobiotic Hollistic Health Counselling


Aiki Macrobiotics is an evolved form of Macrobiotics, using the principle of Aiki (blending energy), which recognises that every person is unique and needs an individual approach, for every situation. It recognises the principle of change and uses what works! Be it in one’s personal life, relationship or work.

Macrobiotics is the way of health, longevity and rejuvenation. It incorporates the universal principles of diet, health, lifestyle and environment, which when applied correctly, brings forth profound health and happiness in your whole life.

Basic Shiatsu


How to give 4 basic shiatsu treatments for health and well-being. Understanding what meridians (energy channels) are and tsubos (pressure points). How to balance the yin-yang energy (Ki) of a person. Learn the basic technique of hands on healing.



Do In is the art of self Shiatsu for total health and mental and spiritual harmony. It includes stretching, breathing, movements and moving the energy through the body by applying various techniques to the energy points and meridians. This then wakes up the healing force and circulates it harmoniously throughout the body.

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Kotodama means “the sprit in words”. It is the practice of sound harmonisation meditation chanting. Special Aiki sounds that activate various qualities of Ki in the body. Quiet meditation is called “yin prayer” whilst making sound is “yang prayer”. It is very calming yet energising and activates one’s deep life power.
On a health level due to tis vibrational quality it dissolves blockages and stagnation. Spiritually it awakens our higher consciousness and strengthens our energy or Auric body.

Misogi Training


Misogi means purification. From time to time it is good to cleanse oneself of any negativity or mental or physical stagnation. All Aiki practices are a type of Misogi. However a special type of Misogi is to go into deep nature (Shizen) and chant or meditate under waterfalls. Obviously this is an optional practice but a wonderful experience of purification, renewal and rejuvenation.

Ki Energy Cultivation


Ki energy training is the more internalised form of Aikido and focuses deeply on the qualities and strength of ‘whole body’ unification.

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Basic Macrobiotics


This is understanding what the centring diet is and applying it to bring out our deepest level of health. What are yin and yang foods and understanding what foods that our own body is reacting to which interferes with our ongoing success. The true goal of macrobiotics is to realise our full potential in all areas of our life – through establishing deep health. “ Health is the realisation of all your goals without force or struggles.”

Aiki in Daily Life


The principles of Aiki when applied to daily life provide powerful tools for increasing effectiveness and harmony.

Aikido Teacher’s Training


A holistic training in all aspects of Aikido – from basic through to advanced techniques, principles and philosophy. Also the art of teaching, how to guide others and how to create your own Dojo – Dojo management and marketing, centered leadership and more.

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Aiki Development Teacher’s Training


Beyond Aikido is the principle of Aiki harmonizing energy. In this course we develop the holistic application to areas such as health and personal development, healing, Ki Cultivation, Diet/Food as medicine, relationship, Tao and the order of the universe, the spiritual dimension and more.

Bokken and Jo (Sword & Staff)


Learn the arts of enlightened action through the practise of Sword and Staff. Sword develops clarity, devisiveness, focus and effective action. It is related to the linear mind. Staff develops expanding energy, coordinated fluidity and creative response. It is related to the lateral mind. Together they make up what is called the cross Aiki. They bring out in one’s character and action the full expression of Yin and Yang and the principles of Fire (KA) and Water (MI).

Oriental Diagnosis – How To See Your Health


Oriental diagnosis is an exact art and science in understanding what is going on inside the body through seeing various qualities and signs that are reflected externally. Based on certain universal principles such as each part reflects the whole, what has a front has a back, and the body does not lie and others.

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Aiki Yoga


Aiki is the way harmonising of Ki energy. Aiki yoga then is stretching as a way of circulating Ki energy through various meridians of the body and also awakening the tsubos (energy points). This has greater effect than just working the body – because in the understanding of Aiki – the physical body is governed by the energy body – which the meridians and pressure points are part of.

Aiki Communication and the Art of Counselling


Aiki communication principles are a powerful way of creating harmony and effective solutions in all verbal interactions. Communication is the highest ability of human beings. Aiki principles allow all communication to be the way of cultivating our deeper self and creating a positive contribution to others in all interactions. This is the truly effective way to world peace.

Relationship Training


Aiki is the way of enlightened relationships. Through the practice of the principle of harmonizing Ki all of one’s relationships are naturally improved. Through the expression of center to center communication and connection we move all interaction to win-win outcomes that are deeply nourishing to both sides. As we move into the 21st century we enter an era of co-creative and interdependent relationship as we move away from the adversarial and competitive approach. Aiki Relationship Training gives us the essential skills that enable us to be powerful centers of influence in all our relationships. From the personal through to business and the greater world at large.

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Aiki Kids from 7-16 yrs. old

Akido Kid’s class is one of the most important classes offered in Shin Sen Dojo. When babies are born they radiate a Ki Energy as they are fresh from the source of Ki (the Hara). If you play with a baby or small child, you will notice they have the ability for example to hold their arm extended substantially (relative to their size) without the use of force or struggle. That is when you can see the evidence of Ki existing in the body in that pure state.
As children grow older most often they lose contact with that original state and develop conditioned responses to interaction.

In other words they can react in a non-centered way for example with anger, aggression or conversely feel overwhelmed and withdrawn.

By kids doing Aikido they reconnect to that original energy – we call Ki, and develop confidence to deal with interaction in a centered way. They can calmly deal with aggression so as to disarm bullying behavior. They develop group awareness-skills that teach them the power of inclusiveness and win/win outcomes.
On a physical level they reconnect to their bodies in an active way that increases health, fitness, suppleness and physical and mental resilience.

Kids Aikido is the way of developing self defense skills and beyond in a focused concentrated way whilst maintaining relaxed enjoyment and a sense of fun.


Aikido Sword & Staff

20th April, 2015 – 6:30am – 7:30am

Ki Energy Cultivation

22nd April 2015 – 6:30am-7:30am & 25th April 2015 – 9:00am-10:15am
Wednesday & Saturday

Ki Shiatsu Therapy Course

25th April 2015 – 1:00pm-3:30pm


21st April 2015 – 6:00pm-8:00pm