Shiatsu Treatments

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Life has its rhythm, its pace. When we fall behind it can seem too much – overwhelming. When we go ahead – we feel lack of support – frustration.

When we are in harmony with its flow we feel great, everything falls into place. It feels as if we attract what we need effortlessly.

This is what a shiatsu treatment gives:-

  • It first releases stress from the nervous system so that the meridians can be treated.
  • Then your unique pressure points are easily located that harmonize and balance your energy.
  • A deep level of nourishing calm vitality is released from a deeper central nervous system.
  • Deep feelings of wellbeing and inspiration are felt as positive hormones flood the entire body systems.
  • Any aches and pains gradually subside and the following days you feel a return to being in synch with the flow and rhythm of life.

Shiatsu treatments are a most powerful support for not only manifesting health and harmony but also for moving brightly and positively forward in realization of your greater dream.

Written by Ken McLean

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