Ideal way to have fruit

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Kanten is an ideal way to have fruit. Its a cooling dessert perfect for our hot summers in Australia - it is refreshing and delicious.  By cooking the fruit with a pinch of sea salt and the use of agar-agar seaweed, the negative expansive and acidic or yin effect of fruit is neutralised.  This makes it easier to absorb and digest and changes the rising and unsettling energy of fruit to an energy that is downward and more grounded.

The recipe

2 cups of seasonal fruit (berries, stone fruit, watermelon etc)

2 Tbsps agar-agar soaked in 1/4 cup apple juice for 10 minutes

2 cups of apple juice 

Pinch of sea salt

Place soaked agar-agar, apple juice and salt in a pot bring to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.  Then lower heat and simmer until agar-agar has dissolved (should take approximately 10 minutes or so).

Once agar-agar dissolved pour the fruit in the pot for one or two minutes.

Then pour the fruit in the dish or dessert cups as you wish.  Let it cool for a while before placing them in the refrigerator until the Kanten sets.

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