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What is Budo? Budo generally translated to mean martial arts but that is not quite correct. The Japanese character in the written word breaks down to mean way of stopping the spear. The way to keep things peaceful!

So it actually has nothing to do with fighting at all but is the spirit and action to keep things centered and peaceful. It embodies the spirit of courage and taking charge when things are unbalanced and not in Harmony.

So the peace we are talking about is not a yin passive peace. No its about having the tone, musubi (see previous blog), clarity and resolution to bring things to the center line (harmony of yin and yang).

When the body loses its center line for example the spine the form of the body loses its shape. When a relationship loses the center line (loyalty, love and equal giving) conflict arises.

The Sun is the center line of the solar system. If it was not constant in this position, there would be chaos. This is sometimes described as the order of the Universe.

When society loses this principle we see injustice, disharmony, extremes of wealthy and poverty – the imbalances of yin and yang.

Perhaps now is the time for the return of true Budo practitioners – spiritual warriors of peace and harmony that have the courage to bring things to the center.

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