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Purpose Equals Happiness

I was listening to the radio recently and they were discussing research about happiness. All the research was indicating the importance of having a...


Deeper Connection to Self

Recently I was sitting in one of the huts in Bronte Beach where a few of the local community gather, when a woman joined us.  I gradually got ...


Constant Circulation of Energy

Written by Ken McLean


In winter hold fast to the pilar

Winter is upon us with its challenges – Life can be very challenging at times. An ancient saying “In winter hold fast to the pillar.&rd...


Riding the Cycle of Life

We have just recently experienced Easter which is a nice break for most. In the Christian tradition it is the acknowledgement of the crucifixion of...


Ideal way to have fruit

Kanten is an ideal way to have fruit. Its a cooling dessert perfect for our hot summers in Australia - it is refreshing and delicious.  B...


A free and happy life

The great thing about Macrobiotics is it unifies and integrates all existing dietary theories out there.


Welcoming the Year of the Dog

In oriental understanding we are moving into the year of the Earth Dog. Some of the qualities relating to this are loyalty, commitment, honesty and...


Macrobiotic Diploma Course in Shin Sen Dojo

Macrobiotics meaning big or great life is also considered the universal way of health and happiness. Its use can be traced back to Hippocrates who ...


7 Pleats of the Hakama

Jin – benevolence, compassion, love, humanity, charity, spiritual person, look after your opponent, protecting others


Are We Living Our Biggest Life?

Am I living my biggest life? Is life a joyous adventure with an ever-expanding circle of intimate friends, full of vitality and humour?


Shiatsu Treatments

Life has its rhythm, its pace. When we fall behind it can seem too much – overwhelming. When we go ahead – we feel lack of support &nda...


Returning to Vertical Connection

Greetings and I hope this finds you enjoying life with its many changes and challenges. 


A typical Aikido training session

Usually training takes place in a Dojo. Dojo is a Japanese word that means place of the way or place where we practice the deeper way of things. Si...


Aikido Created by O'Sensei

Aikido has usually been described as being founded by Morihei Uyeshiba in the late 1930’s in Japan. However, Aiki goes back, like Yoga, to an...


Aikido the new Yoga

As we enter more deeply into the 21st Century, life continues to change at an ever increasing pace. Technological, economic and lifestyle changes c...


Yummy Home Made Gomashio

There is nothing like home made Gomashio to add to your soups or rice or salads.



What is Budo? Budo generally translated to mean martial arts but that is not quite correct. The Japanese character in the written word breaks down ...



Zanshin is a Japanese word which means positive completion and follow through. An action that is done with unity of body and mind that creates a li...


Attracting what we need

To attract something we desire externally, we must first set up the conditions in our mind emotion/body – that we are already experiencing it...


Suppleness Endures, Stiffness Breaks

The willow known for its pliability and suppleness was a model for an ancient school of Ju Jitsu. The founder of the school was watching how trees ...


A Special Kotodama Evening

Experience sound harmonisation for spiritual and physical clarity of mind and awakening your deep vitality.  6th August at our Kensington Dojo - 59...


Winter Solstice

By Ken McLean Sensei


Winter Intensive 2015 - A Positive Experience

By Peter Hons, Shin Sen Dojo Tamworth.As the Shin Sen Dojo Winter Intensive comes to a close in Sydney, it's a time to reflect on experiences, less...


Autumn 2015 Newsletter

2 May 2015