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Attracting what we need

To attract something we desire externally, we must first set up the conditions in our mind emotion/body – that we are already experiencing it...


Suppleness Endures, Stiffness Breaks

The willow known for its pliability and suppleness was a model for an ancient school of Ju Jitsu. The founder of the school was watching how trees ...


Brown Rice Tai Chi

We often describe the Ki Training at Shin Sen Dojo as Brown Rice Tai Chi or Brown Rice Chi Kung. Chi Kung is the Chinese words for Ki Energy Cultiv...


What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu – a wonderful way to experience harmony and wellbeing. Beyond massage, Shiatsu is a medical way of restoring health and pain free liv...


Shiatsu - Treatments in the Key (Ki) of Life

Life has its rhythm, its pace. When we fall behind it can seem too much – overwhelming. When we go ahead – we feel lack of support – frustration.


A Special Kotodama Evening

Experience sound harmonisation for spiritual and physical clarity of mind and awakening your deep vitality.  6th August at our Kensington Dojo - 59...


Winter Solstice

By Ken McLean Sensei


Winter Intensive 2015 - A Positive Experience

By Peter Hons, Shin Sen Dojo Tamworth.As the Shin Sen Dojo Winter Intensive comes to a close in Sydney, it's a time to reflect on experiences, less...


Autumn 2015 Newsletter

2 May 2015


January 2015 Newsletter - Musubi

12th January 2015


Seasons Greeting December 2014

Greetings to Shin Sen Friends and Family As we move into the festive season I would like personally to extend my best wishes for a joyful Christmas...


Returning to Center through Food

When we are feeling not so good, perhaps sluggish, maybe emotionally flat or the flow in our life is not happening, we do have a choice. We can com...


New Directions

5th February 2014 So the Chinese new year is now upon us and the Horse is out of the stable so to speak. The adventure of harnessing this influence...


The Year of the Horse

30 January 2014


Harmonious Flow of Energy

24 April 2014


How do you ride the wave of life?

28 May 2014


Winter’s Water Energy

3 July 2014


Absorbing Spring Ki

1st September 2014


Aiki and the principle of Go Ju Ryu Ki

September 2014


There are no Accidents.

6th November 2014


April 2014 Newsletter

Greetings.  I hope this email finds you in great health and moving towards the realization of all your goals. For this is the main purpos...