7 Pleats of the Hakama

Kotodama Evening_59A

Jin – benevolence, compassion, love, humanity, charity, spiritual person, look after your opponent, protecting others


Mei Yo – honour, justice, fairness, integrity, unified action


Rei – courtesy, etiquette, civility, acknowledging the divine in someone, respecting everything equally


Chi - wisdom, intelligent, understanding, spiritual memory


Shin or Makoto – honesty, seeking the truth, sincerity, modesty, being your authentic self, commitment to bring out clarity in a situation, hide nothing, never lie to protect yourself, naturalness


Lau or Chugi – loyalty, fidelity, the idea of understanding principled relationships, being centred


Yuki – courage, valour, bravery, courage to speak the truth, courage to take risks in pursuit of your true dream, courage to bring things to the centre

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