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Aikido is an ideal training for women to bring forth the spiritual warrior within. It allows the power of the feminine to fully express in an undeniable and effective way.

True Aikido cannot work using muscular force or masculine strength – masculine strength is based on the chest (ego) centre and strength in the arms and shoulders.

Aikido is based on power with someone, not power over. Women understand this inherently in a biological way. Aikido uses softness to overcome the hard, space to overcome aggression, suppleness to overcome strength. this is the power of non-resistance and Ki.

This is not a passive expression. It can only work when one expresses one’ whole being fully without inhibition. This is one meaning of the Hara. The center of being located in the lower abdomen.

Aikido strengthens one’s core and develops movement from the hips and legs, the arms need to be relaxed of muscular tension bo bring one’s base energy through and out in effortless expression.

Connection to ground is important in Aikido. It is one of the foundation principles – like the feminine tree when the masculine metal car collides into the tree and crumples. It is not the tree’s strength which causes the car to crumple, but its connection and roots into the earth which gives the tree its power and resilience. Traditionally the symbol for women is a circle with a cross beneath representing connection to the earth.

Aikido is based on coming to the center – where there is no male or female. This is the principle of oneness. Men who are too hardened and yang, soften and become more gentle, yet strong; women who are too passive and soft need to assert their energy and tonify their body and vice versa.

Over the years there have been many wonderful women Aikidoists at Shin Sen Dojo – too many to single out individually. It is inspiring to see a small woman effortlessly leading and controlling the attacking energy of a big man:- either projecting him through the air with her Ki or pinning him to the floor with one hand.

Aikido strengthens one’s expression whether it be in business, sport, fitness or the many relationships we interact with in life. It is the proven way to train our will and spirit to achieve all that we can in the life we have chosen.



How can Aikido benefit me?

There are many and varied benefits of doing Aikido. On the physical level, one’s fitness, health and flexibility improves. Mentally one develops deeper levels of calmness and relaxation so the ability to comfortably deal with stress and challenge improves. The ability to stay centered, grounded and positive amidst attack increases so that unbalanced situation can be guided back to harmony and balance.

Energy levels increase so that one can give more of one’s self to the areas of one’s life you wish to express more.

On a practical self-defense level you develop the ability to comfortably and enjoyably deal with multiple attackers as you train to develop “the State of Flow” that Aikido brings out. This in the zone state then can be applied to daily life – leading to living a full, wonderful and adventurous life.

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