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Aikido is an enjoyable way to develop all of one’s powers and skills for completely successful living.

It is based on the flow of Universal Energy called Ki – which is also the principle of Harmony in nature. Through training we connect to the rhythms, energy and motions of these forces and over time can utilize that feeling to express our full self in all situations.

As a martial art, it is the peaceful way of reconciling all conflict. It is based on harmonizing with the energy of the attacker and being able to redirect the attacker’s force in such a way to render him or her harmless.

It is amazing to watch a skilled Aikidoist effortlessly throw and disarm four or five attackers with such flow and grace.

As a system of health it has no equal. Each session of Aikido includes the special stretching sequence, breathing and centring excercises, leading to the partner interaction movements. Both left and right sides of the body are exercised equally and also the principles of the mind are applied through all the movements.
This leads to the development of the nervous system and the awakening of the various nuero pathways of the brain. As these waken, the higher function of the nervous system develops so that our ability to think clearly and creatively increases.

This allows us to be more fluid in our movements and responsive to the various challenges in daily life.

The modern father of Aikido was Morihei Uyeshiba who brought forth the various ancient streams of Aiki and formulated them into the modern Art of Aikido. He was known as O’Sensei (Great Teacher) and was deeply respected as reaching a deep level of mastery within himself. Before he used the word Aikido, he researched deeply the existing martial arts of Japan and reached the highest level of physical ability but he knew something was missing. Deeply dissatisfied with the competitive nature of existing arts. He eventually found the missing ingredient, Ki.

Through this enlightening experience, he began to apply the Ki principles to his trainings and he found a new level to his training and abilities. The harsh, stiff, Yang movements changed into flowing, harmonious movements that were even more powerful.

The philosophy of Aikido is revolutionary. This is because it is based on protecting the attacker and looking after him. It is the ultimate expression of win/win. It is the way of returning energy interactions back to Centre, to harmony.

It is the absolute way of non-resistance, non-competitiveness and aggression.
Aikido is an enjoyable way of training that leads us to our bigger greater life. In this often high pressured, ever changing world with new developments in technology and life-style occurring so rapidly, one can easily become stressed, overwhelmed and feeling as if one’s centre is lost – one’s deeper equilibrium.

Regular Aikido training lifts our energy and allows us to easily ride the rhythms of this modern world, to find one’s centre or deep calmness and to take charge of the part of the world’s stream that you interact with and bring it back to its place of balance.



How can Aikido benefit me?

There are many and varied benefits of doing Aikido. On the physical level, one’s fitness, health and flexibility improves. Mentally one develops deeper levels of calmness and relaxation so the ability to comfortably deal with stress and challenge improves. The ability to stay centered, grounded and positive amidst attack increases so that unbalanced situation can be guided back to harmony and balance.

Energy levels increase so that one can give more of one’s self to the areas of one’s life you wish to express more.

On a practical self-defense level you develop the ability to comfortably and enjoyably deal with multiple attackers as you train to develop “the State of Flow” that Aikido brings out. This in the zone state then can be applied to daily life – leading to living a full, wonderful and adventurous life.

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How fit do I need to be to do Aikido?

Any level of fitness and suppleness is fine. Even if you have done no exercise for sometime its ok. Aikido works gently and non forcefully and supports everyone in working at their own pace. Gradually you feel your fitness and flexibility improve.

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Can I come for a trial class?

Most certainly. Come and have a free class to see if you enjoy the training and if you wish to continue. There is no obligation.


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