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Aikido enhances your life in many ways. Firstly on a physical level regular practice “gets the rust out”. In other words the body’s life force becomes activated and circulates through the body, dissolving stiffness, allowing for more supple and vital movement. People often remark they find themselves feeling much younger. Performance in other areas of expression improve for example sports and hobbies.

The Aikido of Shen Sen works with a strong emphasis on moving from the center: This translates as feeling more centered in daily life allowing for greater calmness under stress. Also the training creates the ability to control one’s reaction and choose the most appropriate response that deliver win/win outcomes.

Through this practitioners become more effective in their business and their relationships become more deeply harmonious. On a spiritual level Aikido’s purpose is to find the deeper self and bring out one’s true unique path. People who practice regularly find their life lining up as they enter more strongly the destiny that they were meant to express.



How can Aikido benefit me?

There are many and varied benefits of doing Aikido. On the physical level, one’s fitness, health and flexibility improves. Mentally one develops deeper levels of calmness and relaxation so the ability to comfortably deal with stress and challenge improves. The ability to stay centered, grounded and positive amidst attack increases so that unbalanced situation can be guided back to harmony and balance.

Energy levels increase so that one can give more of one’s self to the areas of one’s life you wish to express more.

On a practical self-defense level you develop the ability to comfortably and enjoyably deal with multiple attackers as you train to develop “the State of Flow” that Aikido brings out. This in the zone state then can be applied to daily life – leading to living a full, wonderful and adventurous life.

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How fit do I need to be to do Aikido?

Any level of fitness and suppleness is fine. Even if you have done no exercise for sometime its ok. Aikido works gently and non forcefully and supports everyone in working at their own pace. Gradually you feel your fitness and flexibility improve.

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Can I come for a trial class?

Most certainly. Come and have a free class to see if you enjoy the training and if you wish to continue. There is no obligation.


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