Aikido of Shin Sen

The way of peace

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Women's Akido
  • Flexibility & Core Fitness
  • Inner Vitality
  • Peaceful Self Defense
  • Assertiveness & Confidence
  • Mindfulness

Aikido is an ideal training for women, bringing forth the spiritual warrior within. It allows the power of the feminine to fully express in an undeniable and effective way.

Aikido is based on power with someone, not power over. Women understand this inherently. Aikido uses softness to overcome the hard, space to overcome aggression, suppleness to overcome strength. this is the power of non-resistance and Ki.

Aikido strengthens one’s core and develops movement from the hips, legs and arms expressing one’s base effortless.

Aikido strengthens one’s expression whether it be in family, business, sport, fitness or the many relationships we interact with in life. Training our will and spirit to achieve all that we can in the life.