Aikido of Shin Sen

Sydney Aikido of Shin Sen is based on the flow of universal life energy call ‘ki’ which permeates and surrounds all things. Aikido translates as ‘way of harmonising ki’ or ‘way of the harmonious spirit’.

Aikido is a peaceful, yet dynamic martial art which uses flowing, circular movements. These are used to redirect, transform and neutralise the energy of any attacking force in order to restore harmony and balance to any situation.


The Shin Sen Dojo was founded by Sensei Ken McLean in 1980 in Sydney. Ken Mclean has trained in Macrobiotics, Ki, Aikido, Shiatsu, Oriental medicine and diagnosis for over 35 years.

The Sydney Aikido of Shin Sen Dojo offers a range of classes to people of any level of practice. Aikido training is offered from basic to advanced, for children and adults.

The dojo includes traditional training in a full-time environment, we have kids classes and provide a style of training that is unique  and highly valued in the aikido world.

Looking for Aikido Training? Please contact Sensei and visit the Sydney Dojo for further details.