Is the way of harmonising energy. It is a dynamic, flowing, non-fighting Martial Art based on non-resistance.


Ki Cultivation

Develops the unification of mind and body to experience your full potential through bringing out your Ki energy.



Is the way of health, happiness and longevity through balancing yin and yang in diet and food as Medicine.


Ki Shiatsu

A powerful hands on healing art that promotes total well-being through harmonising the body’s energy (Ki).

Since 1980 Shin Sen Dojo has been recognized as the leading and innovative Aikido training center in Sydney as well as within Australia.  Since its initial opening thousands of people have been through its doors.  Practitioners from other centers and Dojos have come to experience Ken McLean Sensei’s integrative and holistic approach to the Aiki Arts.

New students find it easy to enter due to the relaxed, warm and friendly nature of all who practice here.  Yet it maintains a strong spirit of connection with its temple like ambience, its original Japanese Tatami flooring.  Its beautiful calligraphy scrolls that Sensei has received from generations of Aikido practitioners and Shinto Priests.

All of this supports one in becoming free of the busy everyday mind and its entanglements and allows you to enter a more deeply centered calm state of being.  This fulfils the original purpose of Shin Sen Dojo’s – “A place that allows for the unification and development of the body, mind, spirit and its free expression in daily life.”

Learn how aikido can change your life

Latest Classes


Macrobiotic Course

6:00pm –  8.00pm



Ki Cultivation

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Wednesday & Saturday


Ki Shiatsu

1.00pm – 3.00pm



Sydney Aikido of Shin Sen is based on the flow of universal life energy called ‘Ki’ which permeates and surrounds all things. Aikido translates as ‘ the way of harmonising Ki’ or ‘the way of the harmonious spirit’. Aikido is a peaceful, yet dynamic martial art which uses flowing, circular movements. These are used to redirect, transform and neutralise the energy of any attacking force in order to restore harmony and balance to any situation.


Training develops and integrates this spiritual connection and unifies it with our mind and body creating a powerful state and rhythm that flows on to and benefits all areas of our lives. Aikido can be used as a powerful tool for spiritual and personal development, health, fitness and meditation, making us more aware of opportunities and our inner power.



Recent News

A Happy New Year to you.  We wish you great success in all your endeavours.  Our Shiatsu Therapy Training Course starts on Saturday 30th January.  This is a great training in expressing the deep meditative state and applying that to the art of giving treatments to others.  Macrobiotic Holistic Health Counselling Course starts on Tuesday 2nd February.  It helps a person live one’s biggest life. The other courses also start next week – Ki Energy Training, Bokken and Jo, Kids Aikido Classes.  Aikido classes continue.   If you have an interest in any of the courses do call Sensei for a chat.